Need a mentor?

A peer mentor is a continuing Flinders student who has vounteered to share their own knowledge and experience with others to help them get the most out of their time at Flinders.

They can help new students by:

  • familiarising the student with the campus facilities;
  • sharing their knowledge of where University Support Services, School and Faculty offices are and how they can be accessed;
  • providing information on University policies and procedures, or where/who to go to for advice and information;
  • demystifying academic procedures and other study matters (i.e. how to submit assignments; how to borrow books);
  • sharing academic survival tips and knowledge about how to seek support;
  • engaging in social activities to get to know and meet other students;
  • sharing knowledge of available support structures, services and networks;
  • building the student’s self-confidence in their ability to negotiate a new and challenging environment.

How to Access a Mentor

All commencing students at Flinders should have access to a peer mentor through each degree or College's mentoring program. They are usually allocated during orientation or the first week of study. Go here to find out what College maps onto your course or degree. For College administration locations or advice about peer mentoring options, click here.

However, not all degrees run mentoring programs all the time.

If you have not been assigned a peer mentor by the end of your first week of study but would still like to have one, you can access the central mentoring program. All you have to do is email the Transition Office ( and state your degree or course of study. A mentor will contact you within a few days.

BTW - don’t forget to check out the transition-to-uni website for access to lots of useful advice.