Dr Sandra Egege has a background in philosophy which has inspired her interest in the concept of critical thinking, its teaching and its application to academic work. In this area, she has run workshops for students at all levels of study, and jointly authored several articles, a book chapter and a booklet on critical thinking.

I am, I exist: an exploration of what the self is and how it is constituted

Sandra's PhD was in the field of metaphysics, on the reality and nature of the self. Her research covered identity and the role of narrative, psycho-social pathologies and the neurology of the mind, perception, philosophy of language, and the biological foundations of consciousness.

Philosophy and learning:

Sandra has examined the ways that philosophy can inform educational theory and practice, particularly in relation to how we learn. Does philosophy have a contribution to make and, if so, in what ways would theory be different if informed by philosophy? Specific research interests include:

  • Is logic universal? Language, culture and cognitive expectations.
  • Critical thinking in the curriculum. What is it, how to teach it and why? 
  • Effective academic orientation, induction and transition programs and the widening participation agenda. 
  • Research Higher Degree Professional Development programs.
  • Good pedagogy: Teaching to and with diversity

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