In the event of an accident or illness requiring first aid, assistance may be sought from any of the University staff who are trained first aiders.  Go to Flinders First Aiders List (PDF 301KB)  for a list of trained staff.

Bedford Park Campus

  • If you need an Ambulance call 0-000 and also call Security (12880 or 8201 2880 from mobile phone) so that they can direct the Ambulance to the correct building.
  • First aid assistance is available Monday to Friday from the Health and Counselling Service. The Service is available from 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. for all staff and students.
  • All Security staff have been trained in first aid.
  • There are a number of first aid trained staff located in every building - refer to the First Aid Coordinators (PDF 301KB)  list for contact information.

Regional and Interstate Campuses

  • In an emergency ring 000.
  • Trained first aiders and first aid kits are in place at each site.

First Aid Facilities

The University has a system of first aid, including trained and equipped first aiders. Each College/Portfolio has a First Aid Coordinator (PDF 301KB) , they provide administrative support for the first aiders in their Colleges/Portfolios. See the First Aid Procedures.

First aid rooms are available in various locations across the Bedford Park campus. First aid kits are widely distributed throughout the University.

The first aiders can advise regarding the location of first aid kits and rooms in their areas.

Each work area is required to undertake a First Aid Requirements Assessment (DOC 108KB)  to determine the number of first aiders required and the content and location of first aid kits for their area, and the need for any other first aid facilities (eg. deluge facilities).

First Aid Procedure Template and First Aid Kit Contents List

First Aid Signs

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First Aid Training 

For information on training in first aid visit First Aid Training.

Training dates: Red Cross First Aid Training Schedule.


The principle legislation relating to first aid is:

First Aid Indemnity

Staff will be indemnified if they have made themselves available for, and have undertaken, appropriate training and if they acted in accordance with their training and exercised their best judgement at the time and if they have not engaged in misconduct.

In addition, no staff members, including those with specific first aid training, are required to carry out first aid procedures that they are not comfortable with even if they have been fully trained in those procedures.