What is WHS Risk Management?

WHS risk management is a systematic process for addressing hazards in the workplace. It is the process of:

  • Identifying any foreseeable hazard - anything in the workplace that has potential to harm anyone at the workplace, eg moving parts in machinery, toxic chemicals, manual handling tasks.
  • Assessing the risk from the hazard - finding out how significant the risk is eg will it cause a serious injury, illness or death and how likely is this to occur?
  • Eliminating the hazard or if this is not possible, controlling the risk from the hazard - implementing strategies to eliminate or control the hazard eg. design equipment differently, add machine guards, use safer chemicals, providing lifting devices to minimise manual handling or use personal protective equipment.
  • Evaluating, monitoring and review - to determine whether control measures are effective in controlling the risk.

Work Health and Safety Risk Policy

The WHS Risk Management Policy provides information on

  • Legislative requirements
  • Responsibilities
  • Steps in the risk management process
  • Implementing risk management


WHS Risk Management Policy

Code of Practice - How to manage work health and safety risks

WHS Risk Management Guidelines. The guidelines are currently under review, contact the WHS Unit for further information.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is the process of evaluating the likelihood and consequences (or severity) of injury, illness or disease that may result from the hazard. A risk assessment will incorporate identification of the hazard, what the level of risk is and what can be done to control the risk.

More information is available in the WHS Risk Management Policy.

The University has a number of Risk Assessment forms, depending on the hazard being assessed. Download the appropriate form.

What is a Risk Register?

A Risk Register is a list of all the identified hazards in a particular area, including the risk level and the controls implemented to eliminate or minimise the risk associated with a hazard(s).

All Plant in a particular area is recorded in a Plant Register and hazardous chemicals (hazardous chemicals, dangerous goods and/or controlled substances)  are recorded in a Hazardous Chemicals Register for each local area.

Download the appropriate risk register template.

Resolving an WHS hazard or issue

The University has a process for resolving WHS issues .