Kopy Kit ™ Safety and Health

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Safety and Health Kopy Kit is a collection of 90 pre-written articles that can be used to create your own:

  • Safety newsletters
  • Training handouts
  • Safety bulletins and flyers
  • Posters
  • Intranet bulletins
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Email attachments

The articles are A4 size (297 x 210mm), in PDF format and cover 7 OH&S topics.

SIMPLE TO USE...all you need to do is access the article you want and print it... colour or black + white.

Attitude & Awareness

Confined Spaces

101 Attitude is Everything (PDF 164KB)
102 Accidents Cost Everyone (PDF 177KB)
103 No Fooling Around (PDF 170KB)
104 Focus on Leadership (PDF 178KB)
105 Communication Tips (PDF 166KB)
106 What's Your Safety Score? (PDF 165KB)
107 Assess Your Stress (PDF 162KB)
108 Managing Work Stress (PDF 165KB)

201 What's a Confined Space? (PDF 173KB)
202 The Entry Permit (PDF 168KB)
203 Testing & Monitoring the Atmosphere (PDF 172KB)
204 Atmospheric Controls (PDF 161KB)
Confined Space Hazards:
205 - Oxygen Deficiency or Enrichment (PDF 161KB)
206 - Explosive or Combustible Atmosphere (PDF 164KB)
207 - Toxic Contaminants (PDF 166KB)
208 - Engulfment (PDF 160KB)
209 - Physical Conditions (PDF 168KB)
Confined Space Personnel Roles & Responsibilities:
210 - Person's Entering (PDF 173KB)
211 - Stand-By Persons (PDF 171KB)
212 - Responsible Person (PDF 175KB)
213 - Rescue Team 

Fire Safety & Emergency Response

Hazardous Chemicals

301 A guide to Fire Safety (PDF 164KB)
302 The Fire Triangle (PDF 166KB)
303 Fire Danger: Flammable & Combustible Liquids (PDF 165KB)
304 Fire Extinguishers: Choosing the Right One (PDF 65KB)
305 Workplace Fire Emergencies (PDF 173KB)  


401 Reading Material Safety Data Sheets (PDF 163KB)
402 Protecting Against Chemical Hazards (PDF 172KB)
403 Manufacturer's Warning Labels (PDF 162KB)
404 Explosive Agents (PDF 161KB)
405 Flammable and Non-Flammable Gases (PDF 170KB)
406 Flammable Liquids (PDF 164KB)
407 Flammable Solids (PDF 179KB)
408 Oxidizers (PDF 169KB)
409 Toxic Materials (PDF 172KB)
410 Radioactive Materials (PDF 165KB)
411 Corrosive Materials (PDF 166KB)
412 Miscellaneous Hazardous Materials (PDF 165KB)
413 Storing Dangerous Goods (PDF 160KB)
414 Incompatible Chemicals (PDF 157KB)
415 Preventing Explosions (PDF 160KB)
416 Lead Hazards (PDF 160KB)
417 Responding to a Chemical Spill (PDF 168KB)
418 Emergencies Involving Solvents (PDF 179KB)
419 Emergencies Involving Flammables (PDF 172KB)
420 Emergencies Involving Corrosives (PDF 174KB)
421 Emergencies Involving Reactives (PDF 165KB)

Lifting & Moving Material

Other Hazards


501 Lifting Basics (PDF 174KB)
502 The Mechanics of Lifting (PDF 169KB)
503 Lifting Awkward Loads (PDF 165KB)
504 Back Exercises (PDF 171KB)
505 Trollies & Hand Trucks (PDF 162KB)
606 Eight Steps to Lockout Hazardous Energy (PDF 165KB)
507 Basic Rules for Forklift Operation (PDF 166KB)
508 Working Safely Around Forklifts (PDF 169KB)
509 Working Safely on Loading Docks (PDF 165KB)

601 Working Safely with Electricity (PDF 157KB)
602 The Hazards of Electrical Shock (PDF 158KB)
603 Responding to an Electrical Emergency (PDF 160KB)
604 Working near Overhead Power Lines (PDF 170KB)
605 Lockout/Tagout: De-Energize for Safety (PDF 165KB)
606 Eight Steps to Lockout Hazardous Energy (PDF 165KB)
607 Slips, Trips and Falls (PDF 171KB)
608 Working Safely with Ladders (PDF 167KB)
609 Watch Your Step on Scaffolds (PDF 161KB)
610 Guard Against Machine Injuries (PDF 159KB)
611 Working Safely with Grinders (PDF 160KB)
612 Watch Out for Pinch Points (PDF 158KB)
613 Welding Hazards (PDF 166KB)
614 Basic Rules for Hand Tools (PDF 160KB)
615 Basic Rules for Portable Power Tools (PDF 164KB)
616 The Hazards of Cold (PDF 162KB)
617 The Hazards of Heat (PDF 163KB)
618 The Hazards of Fatigue (PDF 160KB)
619 Preventing Repetitive Strain Injuries (PDF 163KB)
620 Alcohol & Other Drugs Affect Safety (PDF 164KB)
621 The Golden Rule of Safe Driving (PDF 170KB)
622 Characteristics of a Defensive Driver (PDF 166KB)
623 Driving in Bad Weather (PDF 278KB)

Personal Protection

701 Respiratory Hazards (PDF 159KB)
702 Choosing and Using Respiratory Protection (PDF 161KB)
703 Hearing Hazards (PDF 158KB)
704 Choosing and Using Hearing Protection (PDF 160KB)
705 Eye Hazards (PDF 162KB)
706 Choosing and Using Eye Protection (PDF 168KB)
707 Hand Hazards (PDF 160KB)
708 Skin Hazards (PDF 160KB)
709 Choosing and Using Work Gloves (PDF 160KB)
710 Choosing and Using Work Shoes (PDF 160KB)
711 Choosing and Using Protective Headwear (PDF 164KB)