Below are the contact details of the Work Health and Safety Unit. For contact information relating to First Aid, Health and Safety representatives etc. go to the WHS Homepage in the quicklinks section.

Work Health and Safety Unit

Flinders University
GPO Box 2100
Adelaide SA 5001

Sturt Road
Bedford Park SA 5042

Room 009, Registry Building
Telephone: 8201 3024


Ms Helen Webb

Associate Director, WHS
P: 08 8201 3703
M: 0414190024  

Mr Matt Lindner

Senior WHS Advisor and FlinSafe Business Administrator
P: 08 8201 2678
M: 0422555110

Education, Psychology and Social Work
Business, Government and Law


Ms Karen Hayden

Senior WHS Advisor and
Return to Work Coordinator
P: 08 8201 3117

Medicine and Public Health
Nursing and Health Sciences

Ms Valda Jukums

Projects / Policy Officer
P: 08 8201 3951

Mr Jim Northey 

Senior WHS Officer
P: 08 8201 2094
M: 0457894559

Science and Engineering


Dr Sean Graney

Senior WHS and Emergency Management Advisor
P: 08 8201 2714

Buildings and Property

Mr John Naumann

Senior WHS Officer 
P: 08 8201 3186
M: 0427427179

Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Mr Dave Anderson

Asbestos Coordinator and WHS Officer
P: 08 8201 3728

Buildings and Property

Ms Barbara Kupke

Senior WHS Officer
P: 8201 5123

Nursing and Health Sciences

Mr Dave Barber

Senior WHS Officer
P: 08 8201 2166

Business, Government and Law
Eduction, Psychology and Social Work

Ms Tanya Rodaro

WHS Officer
P: 08 8201 2368

Science and Engineering

Dr Hanna Krysinska

Senior WHS Officer

P: 8204 4873

Medicine and Public Health

Ms Mel Schlein

WHS Officer and Store Assistant
P: 08 8201 3993

Science and Engineering


Mr Matt Lloyd

Maritime Safety Officer
P: 08 8201 2534
M: 0414190051

Ms Deirdre Black

Worker's Compensation Claims Manager
P: 08 8210 2805
F: 08 8212 9680

Dr Kent Gregory

University Radiation Safety Officer
SA Radiation Pty Ltd
M: 0410388018

Provides ionising radiation safety
advice to the University

Central Office

P: 08 8201 3024