Work Health and Safety (WHS) - Right of Entry

The WHS legislation allows a union official who holds a WHS entry permit and a Fair Work Act 2009 permit to:

  • inquire into a suspected contravention of the WHS Act that relates to, or affects, a worker who is, or is eligible to be, a member of that union;
  • inspect employee records relevant to a suspected contravention; and/or
  • consult and advise relevant workers on WHS matters.

The WHS legislation places certain requirements (including notification to the University) on entry permit holders if they wish to enter a workplace, and their rights after entry.

For the purposes of the notification requirements, a notification to the University is taken to be notification to the Director, People and Culture.

Please contact the University’s WHS Unit as soon as possible if you receive information or advice that a union official wishes to exercise their right of entry.


Further information 

South Australia

SafeWorkSA Fact Sheet: Right of Entry by Work Health and Safety Permit Holders 

SA Entry Permit holders

Northern Territory

NT WorkSafe Bulletin: Union right of entry – information for employers

NT Entry Permit holders