If you have an accident or injury during working hours you should:

  1. Get treatment from any of the following:
    • First Aid;
    • University Health, Counselling and Disability Services;
    • Your own doctor;
    • Flinders Medical Centre;
    • Any other hospital.

You have the right to choose where you go for medical treatment.

Advise your treating doctor that the injury is work related and obtain a Workers' Compensation Medical Certificate from the doctor.

  1. Report the accident/injury/incident

You must report (orally or by email) the accident/injury to your supervisor as soon as possible.

You must also report the accident/injury on the University's online FlinSafe System, within 24 hours. If you are unable to report the accident/incident due to the accident, arrangements must be made for your supervisor to report it through FlinSafe.

If you are unsure if the accident/incident is a notifiable incident please contact the WHS Unit.  Information can also be found using the Notifiable Incident Reporting document (PDF 101KB)  and the  Notifiable Incident Flow Chart (PDF 47KB) .

  1. If appropriate, apply for Workers Compensation
  1. Students, Visitors and Contractors

Students, visitors and contractors are not covered by Flinders University workers compensation insurance but may have other insurance cover.

Students, visitors and contractors should report accidents/incidents arising from work/activities at University premises using the above procedures.

The University's Risk and Insurance Services (tel 8201 5726) can provide advice about insurance cover for students, visitors and contractors.