Induction - Staff

All staff are required to undertake general and site/work specific WHS Induction.

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that new staff receive this induction on their first day at work.

Download the WHS Induction Checklist (PDF 137KB)

Both the supervisor and new staff member must sign the induction checklist and the supervisor must keep a copy for audit purposes.

New staff must also complete the New Staff Induction online program.  Enrolment is via the Staff Development course page.

New managers or supervisors of other people must also complete the on-line training package for supervisors.

Induction - Contractors

All contractors are required to undertake the University's Contractor Induction. For more information on contractor safety consult Property, Facilities and Development.

Managers and Supervisors of staff and students

All managers and supervisors of staff and students are required to undertake the WHS on-line training package for managers and supervisors, available through Flinders Learning Online (FLO).

First Aiders

All designated first aiders must have a current Provide First Aid Certificate. Depending on the nature of the workplace, and the First Aid Requirements Assessment (DOC 108KB) , some University workplaces may also have a remote first aider. The initial training for new first aiders is 2 full days. Certificates are valid for 3 years. Refresher training of 1 day is required where certificates are renewed within 3 years.

If supervisors believe that there is a need for more staff in their area to be trained they should contact their area  First Aid Coordinator (PDF 301KB) in the first instance.

Current First Aiders renewing their certificate within the specified period can enrol in a First Aid Training Refresher course and should notify their First-Aid Coordinator and the WHS Unit prior to doing so.

The WHS Unit coordinates bookings for this training. Contact the WHS Unit for further information.

See the list of  First Aiders (PDF 301KB) in all areas. 

Emergency Control Personnel

All Emergency Control personnel are required to undertake training as specified in the University's Emergency Control Procedures.

This training is coordinated and arranged by the Senior WHS and Emergency Management Advisor (ext 12714)


All students must receive information about emergency procedures. This is normally done by staff showing the evacuation video at the first classes of the Semester.

The video is available in each lecture theatre. Contact the ITS help desk #12345 option 1 for technical assistance. If a copy of the relevant video is not available see the WHS website.

Information about emergency procedures is also emailed to all students at the start of each semester and is posted on the student portal.


Staff who are hosting visitors to the campus must inform those visitors  about emergency procedures.

Event organizers must make information about safety available to anyone attending events on University premises. This could be through having the information in the conference/event pack (if applicable) or by reading out the statement at the start of the event.

Where a person is under competent supervision while visiting an area of low risk, an induction may not be required. However, in areas where there is inherent risk (eg laboratories, workshops, plant rooms) an appropriate induction is required.