General Information - on campus

  • Be familiar with the emergency warning signals and the evacuation procedures and assembly area for your building. You can find this information on the Emergency Procedures maps displayed in each building.
  • Be alert to strangers in your work or study areas. If you think that someone is acting suspiciously, contact University Security (8201 2880 or 12880 from internal University phone) and provide them with a description and location of the person(s) concerned.

Looking after your personal property

Public transport

Adelaide Metro's website has information about bus, train and tram timetables, routes and much more - including safety on public transport.

Car security

  • Always lock your car doors and windows.
  • Do not leave anything in the car - loose change or a jacket could be a  target for a thief.

Social situations

The Young Adult Health site has lots of information about alcohol and other drugs, partying, smoking and sexual health, much of which is also useful information for people of all ages.