Flinders University is committed to building and maintaining a work environment that supports a holistic approach to safety, health & wellbeing aimed at increasing staff knowledge and awareness of health and wellbeing issues and healthy lifestyle choices and behaviours.

The health & wellbeing program will provide a range of activities that addresses both physical and mental health of staff, with the desire to improve individuals’ overall health and wellbeing choices. The University will aim to provide opportunities to its staff to help them to achieve productive, engaged and healthy lifestyles that result in positive outcomes for our work force and our community.

In conjunction with BUPA with whom the University has a health insurance partnership, they will assist in the delivery of the health and wellness programs with a work health model that is holistic and encompasses the four main focus areas;

  • Healthier Bodies – Support across managing lifestyles and risk behaviours, medical conditions and health management
  • Healthier Minds – Support across stress management, personal resilience and healthy behaviours
  • Healthier Culture – Support in creating healthy leadership, providing health benefits and social support
  • Healthier Places – support by providing a safe and health enabling working environment





A 2018 calendar of events has been developed by the University. These will be implemented in a way that supports staff health, wellbeing and safety.




February Sun Smart Skin checks & Sun Safety pack
March Resilience & Restart Your Heart

Radical Resilience Workshop

Ambulance Service CPR30 training

April Colds & Flu prevention Flu Vaccination
May Heart Health & Mental Health First Aid

Sit Less Move More information seminar

Professional Development Unit will deliver 2 x courses

June Cancer Awareness

Red Apple Day

Importance of Cancer screening

July Juleye Vision screening
August Mental health Bupa - Open minds Information seminar x 2
September Exercise & Fitness Pedometer Challenge
October Safe Work Week

Promote SafeWork SA free seminar session

HSR morning tea

November Health Minds Wellbeing at Work (workshop)
December Joy of Giving Donating to charity


Scheduled activities will be promoted in Flinders in Touch (FIT)

Activities will be offered in conjunction with external providers such as other health organisation and regulatory bodies i.e. SafeWork SA , Heart Foundation.


Employee Assistance Program       

An independent counselling service is available to University staff members in South Australia and the Northern Territory for issues relating to: 

  • Work related difficulties
  • Marital or family problems
  • Alcohol and drug related problems
  • Stress
  • Financial and legal worries
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Grief and trauma
  • Sleeping difficulties

Individual staff members can refer themselves directly to one of the designated psychologists, for up to 3 sessions paid for by the University.

Follow the link 

Professional Staff Development Unit (PDU)

PDU run a number of session throughout the year that cover a range a mental health topics including Mental Health First Aid, Youth Mental Health First Aid & Mental Health First Aid for the Suicidal Person. Enrolment and dates of training can be found on the Professional Development Unit web site PDU- career & interpersonal skills.

Sport And Fitness Facilities

Physical fitness is also important not only in the workplace but in general life too. Fitness isn't just about weight - it is also a measure of flexiblity, balance, strength, agility and stamina too. If you don't like running or walking, activities like Tai Chi and Yoga help build strength and improve flexibility and are great for raising your overall level of fitness.

Aim to do at least 30 mins of physical activity 3 to 5 times a week. If you don't normally exercise gradually build up you exercise over time.

There are many ways to keep active on campus:

  • Join the on-campus Sport & Fitness centre
  • Ride to work
  • Go for a regular walk - the Bedford Park campus has extensive walking tracks and wonderful views, flora and fauna to enjoy while you are walking. Why not walk around the lake at lunchtime, or through the pine forest? Remember to wear a hat and sunscreen, and take some water, in warm weather. See the campus map for walking tracks
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift.

Explore members at Flinders University sports centre located at Bedford Park,  staffed by fully qualified trainers.  Cost for sessions start as low as $5 per. Wellness programs are provided and are either free or cheap. Activities include Zumba, Yoga & Boot Camp.

Various other fitness sessions are available at very affordable prices see link below for details:

Employee Health Plan

Flinders University employees can become a member of the BUPA/Flinders University Employee Health Plan and receive a range of benefits including discounts on their health insurance.

The Flinders University Employee Health Plan provides a range of benefits including:

  • Access to the BUPA Living Well Program.  Living Well provides practical support by covering some of the costs for health related initiatives, first aid courses, nicotine replacement therapy, weight management programs, kids swimming lessons, gym membership fees, Yoga and Pilates courses.
  • Access to Life Skills – provides access to the following online modules - Stress and resilience, work-life balance - positive parenting.

For more details see


For further information please refer to the fact sheets below:

Health and wellbeing are important parts of work health and safety. Keeping your mind and body healthy reduces the likelihood of stress related injury and illness.

  • Ergonomics and physical comfort - Making sure your workstation is set up correctly reduces your risk of workplace injury 

  • Managing your time - Learning to manage your time effectivly can reduce stress and reduces risk of stress related injury and illness.

  • Career development - Having career goals as well as making sure you have interesting and challenging work to do in your current role can help improve mental health.

Links  to external organisations

Health links

Asthma Foundation Australia

Diabetes Australia

First Aid App (free)

Flu Fact Sheet (PDF 5MB)  

Health Insite

Heart Foundation

Nutrition Australia

Problem Gambling (South Australia)

Problem Gambling (Victoria)

Quitline SA

Mental health


Heads Up (mental health resource)

It Gets Brighter

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental Health Foundation of Australia (Victoria)

Headspace (Mental Health for Young People)

Teen Health (Top End Association for Mental Health)  

Men's health

Men's Health Australia

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

Australian Prostate Cancer Website

Women's health

The Royal Women's Hospital, Victoria

Women's Health Statewide (South Australia)

Breast Cancer Institute of Australia

Women's and Children's Hospital (South Australia)

Breast Screen NT

Breast Screen SA

Breast Screen VIC