You can access the Flinders University Diving policy here

The Flinders University Dive Procedures Manual is available for your reference, see the related link above to download the manual. For diving procedure enquiries please contact your Faculty Dive Administrator (FDA).

In the Faculty of EHL the FDA is John Naumann and in the Faculty of Science and Engineering this is Charlie Huveneers.

The Flinders University Diving Procedures Manual provides information and advice to all divers involved in underwater research and teaching activities in the University as well as providing a concise statement of approved procedures governing all Snorkel (breath hold) and Compressed Air diving operations conducted through the University.

The aim of these procedures is to ensure users conduct their diving operations in a safe manner.

Diving Emergency Flowchart (PDF 30KB)

Diving Forms

New Diver and Registration

New Project or Dive

Daily Diving Operation

Other Dive Information