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Desks with these features are particularly recommended for use by keyboard operators.

  • The desk height, in general, should be in the range of 670 to 720 mm, for a sitting posture.  Height adjustable desks can adjust beyond this range.  For more information refer to height adjustable and sit stand desks.
  • The desk top and supporting frame should be as thin as possible with a maximum thickness of 35mm.  This feature is essential to allow the correct working height to be obtained for each operator.
  • The underside of the desk should be free from obstruction to the knees and shins.  There should be at least 650mm width of leg space beneath the desk and this should be at least 450mm deep.
  • The top area of the desk should be large enough to reasonably accommodate the tasks to be performed and equipment requirements.
  • The desk top should have matt finish to minimise reflections and be of a neutral colour and all corners of the desk top should be well rounded.
    • Ensure boxes and materials are not stored under the desk that reduce space and obstruct the legs.
    • Ensure cables are tied up out of the way to avoid being tangled.

Sliding keyboard drawers can be attached to desks to assist with certain desk designs and individual requirements.  For ergonomic advice on this or on desks, please refer to your WHS Consultant.



Contact the Property, Facilities and Development Division for desk suppliers for workstations.