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The computer screen

The following requirements must be considered when establishing a new visual display unit work station.

  1. The brightness and contrast should be readily adjustable.
  2. The screen display should be free from flicker.
  3. The screen should have a minimally reflective surface.
  4. The characters displayed should be of a size, colour and quality that ensures legibility.

If problems of glare or reflection are encountered, refer to antiglare treatments.

The keyboard

  1. The keyboard must be separate from the screen to allow the screen or the keyboard to be independently adjusted. This requirement is essential (Laptops, powerbooks and other mobile devices are not made for long term keyboarding).
  2. The keyboard thickness should be kept to a minimum. The distance between the home row keys and the desk top should be no greater than 30mm. If the keyboard is too thick you can purchase a wrist rest or make one out of a folded towel.
  3. The angle of the keyboard to the desk top should be less than 15 degrees.
  4. The key tops should be dished to minimise slipping of the fingers.
  5. The keyboard and keys should have matt finish to minimise glare.

On keying, the keyboard should provide either tactile or audible feedback to the operator to assist correct keystroke pressure.

The mouse

The mouse pointer speed can be adjusted particularly if using more than one screen to assist in reducing repetitive movements.

The IT Helpdesk staff will be able to advise.

Font too small - incoming emails

If the font size on your incoming emails, browser or your desktop is too small to read, do not despair - You can adjust it!

Your ‘Preferences’ or ‘Settings’ need to be changed so that you turn off the command that is making incoming emails appear with small text.

How to do this varies according to which email system you use, and whether you use a PC or Macintosh computer or a mobile device.

The IT HelpDesk staff will be able to advise.