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The occurrence of OOS previously known as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) may be associated with the use of keyboards.

If certain procedures are followed the likelihood of the condition occurring is minimised. If the condition does occur, its prompt recognition allows the possibility of early and full recovery.


The following matters require attention:

Work Organisation

  • Where keyboard work occurs frequently for long periods, it should be broken up with variation in tasks, where possible, and breaks.  Keyboard work should be spread over the day and includes overtime.
  • Frequent changes in routine are essential. No more than 45-50 minutes in each hour should be spent on keyboard work. More frequent breaks may be preferable for some individuals.
  • Rapid increases in keyboard workload should be avoided. Keyboard hours should be extended gradually on return from leave.


Ensure that each workstation (PDF 179KB) is set up according to the University standard. For new workstations contact the Property, Facilities and Development Division  for approved furniture and for ergonomic advice contact the WHS Unit on extension 13024.

Workstation Assessments

If you have an issue with your workstation or experience discomfort, please contact your WHS Consultant to arrange for a workstation assessment.