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Monitor risers or elevation boxes are designed to fit beneath video display screens in order to raise the screen to a comfortable viewing height.

The top of the visual display screen should be located just below the level of the operators' eyes.  An adjustable height monitor riser may be required in order to achieve this.  In a multi-screen environment (i.e. dual screen computer), it is important to ensure the screens are adjusted to the same height.

Another issue faced by visual display unit (VDU) users is the use of dual screens which are not positioned correctly based on usage.  This can cause neck bend and twist which results in strain and injury.  If you are unsure of your screen setup, please consult your WHS Consultant.

Boxes are available in different sizes for use with different sized screens.

Monitor riser style with adjustable legs

Monitor riser with adjustable columns and a tray unit


Monitor risers are available as a stationery item.