Tom Thumb

Vessel Owner Flinders University
Designated person Matt Lloyd (Maritime Safety Officer)
Unique Identifier No 30088
Trailer registration S879 TCA
Length (m) 6.2
Breadth (m) 2.4
Depth (m) 0.38
Height (m) 3.05
Weight (trailer and boat) (t) 2.1
Engines 2 x 80 HP; F80B Yamaha four stroke.  ( 2 x 59.68 kW = 119.31 kW)
Fuel Capacity (Litres) 150
Vessel type

Research Vessel

Rigid hull inflatable, RHIB. Centre console

Gross Load capacity (kg) 1000
Survey Limits & Carrying Capacity

2C waters out to 15 miles of Australia’s coast. Maximum crewing: 5 Passengers plus Coxswain = 6 total or 3 Divers plus Coxswain = 4 total.

2D partially smooth waters (Exemption: New Scheme Non Survey (NS) Vessel). Maximum crewing: 7 Crew plus Coxswain = 8 total or 5 Divers plus Coxswain = 6 total. Reference list of SA Partially Smooth (2D) waters.
Minimum ‘skipper’ cert. Coxswain
Marine Radio VHF , Icom (water proof marine radio)
GPS & Depth sounder Garmin   GPSMAP 750S