Buildings & Property Division - Services Section

Guidelines for protection against heat stress and solar radiation

Services staff are directed to the local risk assessment and safe operating procedure for working in direct sun and on hot days. The contact officer is Mark King.

Download Risk Assessment (PDF 115KB)

Faculty of Social Sciences and Behavioural Sciences

At a meeting on 16 February 2005 the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences Occupational Health and Safety Committee endorsed the following Faculty specific guidelines for Working in Hot Conditions:

(a) When funds are available, priority will be given to air conditioning for rooms with the worst heat problem, and where the "normal" intensity of use of the rooms is the highest.

(b) Provide appropriate fans to all such rooms.

(c) Investigate whether improved window covering treatments can make a significant improvement and if so, and if funds are available, arrange improved window coverings.

(d) Provide Faculty staff with ease of access to drinking water facilities and encourage the use of these facilities when the weather is hot.