Vessel Owner Flinders University; Vessel Operations Committee
Designated person Dominic Ruppucci
Unique Identifier No V30656  (reg; ZF117S)
Trailer registration YGO-185
Length (m) 2.4
Breadth (m) 1.8
Depth (m) 0.7
Height (m) 1.6
Weight (trailer and boat) (t) unknown

15HP Yamaha 2- stroke (11.2kW).

(Model 15FMH, 684K-S-1048230)
Fuel Capacity (Litres) 20
Vessel type Open boat; inflatable
Carrying capacity 4 total
Gross Load capacity (kg) 760
Survey 2D (Partially smooth waters)
Minimum ‘skipper’ cert. Coxswain or Recreational boat licence with Exemption 15.
Marine Radio VHF hand held
GPS & Depth sounder Handheld GPS, no sounder