Ken Wanganeen Medal Recipients

The Ken Wanganeen Medal, in honour of the late Ken Wanganeen, is awarded to the Indigenous student with the highest Grade Point Average in the final two years of their undergraduate degree. 

Current Recipient

2014  Charles Kenihan, Bachelor of Health Science, Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics

Past Recipients

2013  Alisha Vanzati, Bachelor of Education (Middle and Secondary)/
          Bachelor of Health Sciences

2012  Kristopher Wilson, Bachelor of Laws

2011  Jessica Beinke, Bachelor of Health Sciences

2010  Samantha Webster, Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology)

2009  Greg McCulloch, Bachelor of Government and Public Management

2008  Luke Hancock, Bachelor of Commerce

2007  Robin Bilney, Bachelor of Information Technology

2006  Natalie Wheeler, Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing)


2010 Medal Recipient
Samantha Webster





2008 Medal Winner Luke Hancock  
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