Our students

Chantal Rosas, Bachelor of Education

Chantal Rosas

I knew I wanted to come to University when I tried to educate my children and realised I didn't know what I was talking about. I chose to do a Bachelor of Education degree as I want to understand children's development and help Indigenous children reach the potential that they can.


Casey Schapel, Bachelor of Social Work and Social Planning

Casey Schapel

I always knew that I wanted to come to uni but didn't have any idea what I wanted or could do until a few years after school. In the end I decided to come to uni and do Social Work so I could use those skills to help the wider Aboriginal community. I was influenced by my previous work with youth and people with disabilities, and I saw a need to have more Aboriginal men working in social services to help the community. I chose Flinders because the Social Work course has a good reputation here.


Ricky Hutcheson, Bachelor of Screen Studies

Ricky Hutcheson

I chose to come to Flinders firstly due to the fact that the universities in my home town of Darwin did not offer this course and I had heard a lot of good things about this university. I have travelled and lived in most states in Australia so there was no trouble to pack up and move again, and as I had family in Adelaide, accommodation was no issue either. And when I got started a Yunggorendi academic adviser helped me through the whole transition process. I will always be grateful for that help.


Nicolle Orr, Bachelor of Arts (Drama, Screen and Media)

Nicolle Orr

I've always loved drama and loved being creative, so this double degree was perfect to get the well roundness that I needed for the future I wanted.

My advice to Indigenous students thinking about uni is: access Yunggorendi and use their services! It would be so much harder if I didn't have them.

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