The Yunggorendi First Nations Centre for Higher Education and Research at Flinders University offers research expertise across a wide range of contemporary issues for Indigenous people. We take seriously the challenge of contributing to better outcomes for Indigenous peoples in all aspects of society and the economy. In doing so Yunggorendi recognises that defining and addressing research problems from the Indigenous experience of them requires the building of Indigenous capacity.

Building Indigenous research capacity, enhancing capability and strengthening research links will be the central strategic focus for Yunggorendi First Nations Centre.

Flinders University, the Yunggorendi First Nations Centre and its staff are committed to improving the usefulness of research to Indigenous people by involving Indigenous peoples and communities in the design, carrying out and evaluation of research. Consultation, negotiation and resourcing are important elements in developing processes to determine research priorities and benefits to support engaged, dialogic and transformative research. Yunggorendi believes there are clear linkages between research, community development and social change.

Areas of expertise

  • Cultural heritage management
  • Indigenous governance
  • Indigenous education, cultural theory and critical pedagogies
  • Research ethics
  • Indigenous languages
  • Intellectual and cultural property rights
  • Indigenous peoples, sport and colonisation
  • Critical race theory
  • Anangu cultural education
  • Rap and hip hop culture
  • Australian Indigenous archaeology
  • Repatriation and reburial
  • Indigenous identities, youth and education
  • Aboriginal screen culture and visual arts.

Projects, include:

For further information contact Steve Hemming, Research Coordinator, on 8201 5593 or email