Engaging and Paying Casual Academics

Information for administrators, approvers and topic coordinators

This process collects personal information and validates eligibility to work at Flinders University. Once engaged, casual academics can be offered casual work and get paid via an estimated work schedule (EWS).

If work varies from the EWS, then variations must be submitted. EWS information is passed through to the payroll system each pay period.

Reports are available to manage the engagement and payments processes, see the Reports Overview (PDF 678KB) guide.

Getting started

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Engaging a casual academic

Casuals who already work at Flinders University

Casual Academics can be engaged by the offer and acceptance of an EWS. Please see the Create Topics and Estimated Work Schedules process below.

Casuals who do not currently work at Flinders University

The engagement process is used to collect personal details, proof of identity and work rights and child protection screening documents for a proposed new casual academic so they can be added to our HR System.


These documents will step you through the process and guidelines for engaging a proposed new casual academic:


The  Approve Casual Academic Engagement (PDF 109KB) document will assist those responsible for approving proposed casual academics.


Create topics and estimated work schedules (EWS)


An EWS is created against a topic in FlindersPro. To check if a topic exists, follow the View and search for a topic or casual academic (PDF 318KB) guide.

Topic already exists

Follow the  Add a Casual Academic to a Topic (PDF 332KB) guide for information on adding further estimated work schedules.

Topic does not exist

Follow the  Create a New Topic (PDF 267KB) guide or video below for information on creating topics.

Should a topic coordinator not action the request to be a topic coordinator, the administrator will be notified. See the Retry Topic Coordinator Acceptance (PDF 142KB) guide for further information.

The How to Track Topic Progress (PDF 228KB) guide will assist you in identifying the progress of a topic.

Topic coordinators

Topic coordinators are required to accept the topic's terms and conditions, the Action a Topic Coordinator Request (PDF 111KB) guide will walk you through this process.


Varying a casual academic's estimated work schedule (EWS)

The casual academic has been added to a topic and accepted an offer of work. An increase or decrease in work will require a change to the casual's EWS.

School Administrators / Topic Coordinators

The Create a Variation to a Casual Academic's work schedule (PDF 307KB) guide will step you through the process on how to vary a casual academic's EWS.

When a casual academic has initiated a variation to their schedule, it will need to be approved by the topic coordinator, if not actioned promptly, the variation will escalate to an administrator.

Follow the Action a Variation to a Casual Academic's Work Schedule (PDF 92KB) or video below for more information.