Staff International Travel

Information for Travellers, Administrators and Approvers

The Staff International Travel process is used for staff to gain approval to travel internationally on University business regardless of the funding source.

The process provides visibility of staff location and enables the University to provide support and / or alert authorities where necessary in the event of incidents or emergencies.

Getting Started

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Administration staff can assist with creating a travel profile, travel request and travel diary. The traveller is required to complete the risk assessment and submit a travel diary.

It is recommended that you visit the Smartraveller webpage.

Creating a Travel Profile

Before a traveller can request to travel internationally for University business, a travel profile needs to be created. Information entered in the profile will be used when requesting travel reducing the need to re-enter the same information multiple times.

Follow the guide on Create or Modify a Travel Profile (PDF 201KB)


Creating a Travel Request

Once the traveller has a travel profile, a request for international travel can be created. This includes completing a risk assessment relevant to the destination country or countries.

The Guide to Risk Assessments (PDF 45KB) will assist you in what to include in the risk assessment. For further information visit the Work Health and Safety page.

Follow the guide on  Create, Modify, Copy or Cancel a Travel Request (PDF 607KB)


Approving a Travel Request

Most travel requests will flow through the following stages. More information on each of these can be found in the Approving an International Travel Request (PDF 123KB) guide.

The Guide to Risk Assessments (PDF 45KB) will assist you in what should be considered on a risk assessment. For further information visit the Work Health and Safety page.

The current Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) risk level of destination country or countries proposed for travel will depict the level of approval required.

The Travel Approval Workflow (PDF 95KB) will display what approval is required based on DFAT risk level.

Completing a Travel Diary

A travel diary will be pre-populated with information based on destination, accommodation and travel days. The diary needs to be completed and submitted within fourteen (14) days of the traveller's return date.

Follow the guide on Complete a Travel Diary (PDF 220KB) .



Depending on your role, there are a range of reports available to view. Reports have been specifically designed to assist in locating individual travellers or to identify if any travellers are within a certain region or country. There are four (4) reports available:

  • Travel Location
  • Travel in Transit
  • Travel Diary
  • Travel Finance
For detailed information on these reports see the guide on International Travel Reporting (PDF 338KB) .



Support for

Group / Title

Completing travel request and travel diary

Your local business area

Completing risk assessment

Work Health and Safety

Helen Webb

Approval guidance with regard to risk assessment

Work Health and Safety

Helen Webb

Insurance advice

Risk and Assurance Office

Travel diary advice

Taxation Accountant

Robert Tidswell

Technical problems

(including login issues)

IDS Client Services

Managing special roles within the process ie: School Administrators / Read-only Reporting view

Senior professional staff member to email a request to IDS Client Services

Travel Management Companies

Accounts Supervisor (Financial Services)

James Conlon























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