Corruption in prisons

The CCPR undertook a contract with the Western Australian Corruption and Crime Commission to look at the issue of correctional corruption, which arose as a policy problem in WA prisons and was the subject of much media attention. We were asked in particular to look at best practice in prevention and reducing corruption-related harm. Professors Goldsmith and Halsey led the project, drawing in part upon their previous knowledge of studying and working in prison environments. A final report was delivered that looked at issues such as assault in prison, smuggling of contraband, inappropriate relationships, misuse of confidential information and procurement of prison goods and services.

Subsequently, the report was re-written in book form and published in 2016 by Palgrave.

The book is entitled Tackling Correctional Corruption: An Integrity Promoting Approach. It is the first book of its kind in the world.

Young adult offenders

Drug Policy

Caitlin Hughes is an Associate Professor in Criminology and Drug Policy and Matthew Flinders Fellow.  With a focus on research translation, Associate Professor Hughes has worked extensively with policy makers, law enforcement and health officials from within and outside of Australia. 

In a project funded by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, Associate Professor Hughes worked with Professor Mark Halsey, Professor Andrew Goldsmith and Dr Sharyn Goudie to develop a bespoke survey to analyse patterns of drug consumption and access to services in a South Australian regional community. This survey data was then triangulated with wastewater data to understand drug consumption within the region.

The project involved extensive collaboration with over sixty different regional stakeholders including local council, alcohol and other drug service providers, community corrections, police, schools, emergency departments and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service providers.