Teaching Development for Sessional Staff

The Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) provides teaching  and educational development development support for sessional staff through workshops, one-on-one and team meetings and through the provision of resources on our website.

There are two booklets ( tutoring and demonstrating ) for sessional staff to get you started in your teaching role. Additionally, CILT also provides other resources and links to useful information from the vast literature and research on learning and teaching. More information about workshops for sessional staff and reimbursement for attending training workshops is found under the relevant links below.

Sessional staff are encouraged to undertake training with CILT as part of their professional development commitments. There are two full-day (or equivalent) training sessions offered which lay the foundations of teaching. You may choose training from the following list depending on the type of teaching you expect to be doing.

You may also wish to undertake additional training specifically designed for sessional staff:

As a staff member of the University, you are also eligible to attend other training events advertised on the Course Calendar.