Not offered from 1 July 2015

To be read in conjunction with the program of study requirements for the degree in which you are enrolled:

A student may complete a major sequence of 36 units in Development Studies by completing two Year 1 topics (9 units), two Year 2 topics (9 units) and two Year 3 topics (9 units) plus two additional topics (9 units) from the Year 2 or Year 3 topics listed in the program of study below.

A student may complete a minor sequence of 22.5 units in Development Studies by completing two Year 1 topics (9 units), two Year 2 topics (9 units) plus and additional topic (4.5 units) from the Year 2 or Year 3 Topics listed in the program of study below.

Development Studies is not offered as an extended major.

Course aims

The Development Studies major sequence aims to:

  • Provide students with a broad understanding of the historical and contemporary forces shaping social, cultural, political and economic changes in the developing world
  • Introduce key concepts and theories in international development and how they can be used to analyse a diversity of international development issues
  • Develop students' skills in analysing and interpreting a wide range of texts, information and knowledge relating to international development issues
  • Provide opportunities for students to place the knowledge they gain as part of their major within specific regional, cultural and disciplinary contexts
  • Develop an awareness of the ethical and moral issues associated with international development relationships, perspectives and practices.

Learning outcomes

In addition to the generic skills and range of knowledge developed in their overall degree, a graduate with a Development Studies Major should:

  • Be able to apply their understanding of international development issues in a workplace within organisations with an international focus, or to research and analysis in higher studies
  • Be able to draw on a multi-disciplinary set of conceptual tools to analyse international development issues and problems and find constructive ways to address them
  • Demonstrate advanced skills in interpreting texts (including data, scholarly writing, visual information and grey literature) on development issues and recognize the limitations of these texts
  • Communicate effectively and in a professional and culturally aware manner through high quality written analytical and oral presentational skills.

Program of study

The following is the program of study for a 36 unit major sequence in Development Studies and should be read in conjunction with the course rule for the degree in which you are enrolled.

Major - Development Studies

Year 1 topics

INST1001 Introduction to International Studies 1a: Regions in Global Contexts (4.5 units)
INST1002 Introduction to International Studies 1b: Understanding the International (4.5 units)

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of International Studies, who complete these two topics as part of their mandated program of study in that degree, are permitted to offer these topics as part of their major in Development Studies. Bachelor of International Studies students wishing to complete a major in Development Studies must select nine units from among the topics listed below:

ASST1001 Discovering Asia (4.5 units)
ASST1002 Modern Asia: Economy, Society and Politics (4.5 units)
HIST1703 Turning Points in World History (4.5 units)
INTR1007 Australia and the World (4.5 units)

Year 2 topics

DVST2006 The Politics of the Global South: From Bullets to Ballot Box and Back  (4.5 units)
DVST2024 Change in the Global South (4.5 units)

Year 3 topics

DVST3003 Beyond the West and the Rest: Rethinking the Global Inequality and International Development  (4.5 units)

plus 4.5 units of year 3 topics listed below:

ASST3011 Environment and Development in Asia (4.5 units)
ASST3017 Asia Rising: The Politics of Development in the Asia Pacific Region (4.5 units)

INTR3003 Africa: International Interventions (4.5 units)

plus an additional 9 units from the year 2 or year 3 topics listed below:

DVST2701 Sustainable Development (4.5 units)
GEOG2712 Asian Regional Development (4.5 units)
HIST2003 Revolutionary China, 1949-1978 (4.5 units)
HIST2006 India: From Partition to the Emergency, 1940-1984 (4.5 units)|
HIST2015 Maps and Dreams: Indigenous-Settler Relations in Australian History (4.5 units)
HIST2030 The Great Powers and the Origins of the Modern Middle East (4.5 units)
INST3003 International Experience and/or Practicum (4.5 units)
INST3003A International Studies Practicum (9 units)
INTR2003 Political Economy of the Asia-Pacific Region (4.5 units)
INTR2006 Debating Human Rights (4.5 units)
INTR2008 Africa on a Global Stage (4.5 units)
INTR2012 Food Security (4.5 units)
INTR3006 The Political Economy of East Asia (4.5 units)
POLI2020 Australian Indigenous Politics (4.5 units)
PPHR2721 Demography (4.5 units)
WMST2017 Gender, Globalisation and International Development (4.5 units)


Refer to the Honours - Development Studies