Students are able to select their own combinations of any two degrees in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, providing complementary training in disciplines within science and engineering fields, reducing the overall duration to complete the qualifications.

Admission requirements

The minimum requirements for consideration for entry to all undergraduate courses are specified in detail in the University Entry Requirements and under the Course Information Page for each qualification.

Program of study

To qualify for the degrees students must complete the required units with a grade of P or NGP or better in each topic, according to the program of study.

Not all topics are necessarily available in a given year.

Students are required to enrol in accordance with the program advice articulated in their personalised Program of Study.

For all awards, the core components are required to satisfy the graduate qualities, work integrated learning requirements and professional accreditation. That is, if a topic is required to satisfy a University or accreditation specified requirement, it must be retained as a core component.

Whenever a topic appears in both Programs of Study, completion of the topic counts towards both programs, however no more than 72 units are able to overlap degrees;

Whenever both courses include a compulsory Practicum students will only be required to undertake one. Faculty Office staff will consult with Directors of Study/Course Coordinators for advice in the development of the student’s personalised Program of Study.

As per the University’s Credit Transfer Policy:

  • no more than one-third of the total unit value of the award will be granted as unspecified credit; and
  • Students shall be required to complete at least thirty-six units of study at the University not presented for any other award.

Students who commence, but subsequently do not wish to complete, the combined degrees program are eligible to transfer to, and complete, either one of the awards and to receive credit for some, or all, of the topics completed.


  1. Upon admission to the combined degree program staff from the Faculty Office, Science and Engineering; will make initial contact with students to arrange for the development and approval of a personalised Program of Study.
  2. The personalised Program of Study for each student will take into account the above rules, accreditation requirements (where applicable) and the University’s Credit Transfer policy including the expected duration to complete both awards.
  3. A copy of the personalised Program of Study will be placed on the Student's File for reference.