The Graduate Certificate in Archaeology is an 18-unit program offered by the Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law. The course is offered over one semester full-time, or the equivalent part-time.

The Graduate Certificate in Archaeology articulates with the 36-unit Graduate Diploma in Archaeology and Heritage Management and the 72-unit Master of Archaeology and Heritage Management.

Admission requirements

Applicants must normally hold an approved degree or equivalent qualification from an approved tertiary institution. Under exceptional circumstances and subject to specific conditions, the Faculty Board may admit others who can show evidence of fitness for candidature.

Course aims

The course aims to meet the research and professional needs of graduates with an interest in Australian archaeology and archaeological field practice.

It aims to increase the theoretical knowledge, research skills and applied skills required to develop appropriate depth of understanding of issues in a number of related specialisations in archaeology.

The course draws on both theoretical and practical material and provides the opportunity for students to apply both the principles and the practical skills developed during the course.

Learning outcomes

Upon graduating, students will be equipped to:

  • enter the workforce as skilled and knowledgeable professional archaeologists;
  • identify and analyse complex archaeological issues;
  • demonstrate knowledge of the requirements of undertaking archaeological fieldwork and employ a wide range of fieldwork methods and techniques in archaeological research;
  • demonstrate knowledge of the major issues in Australian archaeology, conservation and archaeological field methods and practice and be able to apply this knowledge to practical situations;
  • undertake their work as professional archaeologists in an ethical manner;
  • communicate archaeological issues appropriately to a range of audiences.


Unspecified credit may, under certain circumstances, and subject to specific conditions, be granted for candidates who show relevant and extensive experience. This unspecified credit would be limited to a maximum of 4.5 units. 

Program of study

To qualify for the Graduate Certificate in Archaeology, a student must complete 18 units with a grade of P or NGP or better in each topic, according to the following program of study.

At least 13.5 units must be chosen from Group A topics. The remaining 4.5 units may be chosen from Group A or Group B topics.

Option - Group A topics

 ARCH8018  Introduction to Cultural Heritage Management  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8150  Maritime Archaeology in Australia  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8151  History, Theory and Issues in Maritime and Underwater Archaeology GE  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8152  Maritime Archaeological Field School  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8401  Historical Artefact Analysis  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8402  The Museum  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8404  Directed Study in Archaeology  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8405  The Archaeology of Australian Stone Artefacts  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8407  The Archaeology of Art  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8408  Human Osteology  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8409  Issues in Australian Rock Art  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8410  Archaeology of the First Australians GE  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8801  Archaeological Field Methods  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8802  Conservation Field School  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8803  Indigenous Australian Archaeology Field School A  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8804  Ethnoarchaeology in Aboriginal Australia GE  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8805  Australian Rock Art Field School A  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8806  Historical Archaeology Field School  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8807  Advanced Archaeology Field School  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8808  Introductory Archaeological Geophysics  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8809  Indigenous Australian Archaeology Field School B  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8810  Community Archaeology Field School (4.5 units)
 ARCH8811  Australian Rock Art Field School B  (4.5 units)

Option - Group B topics

 ARCH8015  Research Funding and Ethics in Archaeology and Heritage  (4.5 units)
 ARCH8017  Cultural Heritage and the Law  (4.5 units)
 ENVS8711  Australian Environmental Change GE  (4.5 units)
 ENVS7711  Environmental Management  (4.5 units)
 GEOG8700  Geographical Information Systems GE  (4.5 units)
 GEOG8701  Introduction to Remote Sensing GE  (4.5 units)
 GEOG8731  GIS Modelling GE  (4.5 units)
 TOUR8115  Essentials of Interpretation  (4.5 units)
 TOUR8118  Destination Image and Tourism  (4.5 units)