The Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion is an 18-unit program offered by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.

The program can be undertaken full-time in one semester subject to availability of the relevant topics. It can also be undertaken part-time in two to four consecutive semesters.

Admission requirements

Applicants must normally hold an approved degree or equivalent qualification and have their candidature approved by the Faculty Board.

The Graduate Certificate articulates with the Master of Public Health program and credit is normally given for appropriate topics completed in the graduate certificate.

Course aims

The Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion aims to provide students with health promotion knowledge and skills to incorporate the principles of public health/primary health care into specific fields of practice in order to reduce inequalities in health care access and health outcomes. 

Learning outcomes

At completion of the course students will have:


  • to understand the relevance of models of health promotion in a range of real world and workplace problems


  • to critically analyse theoretical concepts relevant to health promotion, and the social determinants of health and well-being

application of knowledge and skills:

  • to apply principles of health promotion to public health practice.

Program of study

To qualify for the Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion a student must complete 18 units with a grade of P or NGP of better in each topic, according to the program of study below.

Core - Year 1 topics

 PHCA9507  Health Promotion in Public Health  (4.5 units)


 PHCA9501  Social Determinants of Health and Wellbeing  (4.5 units) AND
 PHCA9514  Action on Social Determinants of Health  (4.5 units)


 PHCA9505  Primary Health Care Practice in Developing Countries  (9 units)

Option - Year 1 topics

plus any 4.5 units of PHCA topic offered in the Master of Public Health to make up the required 18 units*

*With the permission of the Course Coordinator, students may be permitted to undertake other appropriate option topics.

Except with permission of the Faculty Board:

  • the program must be completed within four consecutive semesters. A lesser period may be set for students granted credit for previous studies
  • no topic may be attempted more than twice.

The award of a grade of Fail (F) in 18 units or more, or the award of a grade of Fail (F) in the same topic on more than one occasion, may constitute prima facie evidence of unsatisfactory progress for the purposes of the University's Policy on Student Progress.