The Graduate Certificate in Palliative Care is an 18-unit program requiring one semester of full-time study (or the equivalent part-time).

The course is offered by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.

The Graduate Certificate in Palliative Care articulates with the Graduate Diploma in Palliative Care, Graduate Diploma in Palliative Care in Aged Care, Master of Palliative Care and Master of Palliative Care in Aged Care.  The sequentially developed topics allow progression through the awards.

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate normally receive credit for a maximum of 18 units should they wish to proceed to the Graduate Diploma or Masters in Palliative Care, or the Graduate Diploma or Masters of Palliative Care in Aged Care.

Admission requirements

Applicants must normally hold an approved degree or equivalent qualification from an approved tertiary institution and not less than one year professional experience in the health sector or related field. However, the Board may, under certain circumstances and subject to specific conditions, admit others who can show evidence of fitness for candidature.

Course aims

The course aims to provide an opportunity for individuals from any professional background who are working in health related areas to deepen their knowledge base in palliative care within a global context.

Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course, students will have:

  • developed practice integrated learning, incorporating critical reflection and self evaluation of their own professional practice including interdisciplinary assessment, clinical decision making and management
  • critically appraised palliative care theory, research and professional literature
  • identified and described the issues related to the person with the life-limiting illness, taking into account the physical, physiological, social and spiritual dimensions of care specific to the needs of individuals, their families and those involved in their care
  • recognised their own learning style and identified goals and strategies to foster life -long learning skills.

Program of study

To qualify for the Graduate Certificate in Palliative Care a student must complete 18 units with a grade of P or NGP or better in each topic, according to the program of study below.

Core - Year 1 topics

9 units comprising:

 PALL8430  Communication at the End of Life A  (4.5 units)
 PALL8432  Understanding Literature for Evidence-Based Practice  (4.5 units)

Option - Year 1 topics

Select 9 units from: 

 PALL8431  Communication at the End of Life B  (4.5 units)
 PALL8433  Paediatric Palliative Care  (4.5 units)
 PALL8434  Oncology for Palliative Care  (4.5 units)
 PALL8435  Issues in Care of the Spirit in Palliative Care  (4.5 units)
 PALL8436  Palliative Care in Aged Care Settings  (4.5 units)
 PALL8437  Palliative Clinical Management A  (4.5 units)
 PALL8438  Palliative Clinical Management B  (4.5 units)
 PALL8439  Suffering, Futility and Ethics in Palliative Care  (4.5 units)
 PALL8440  Palliative Care for Indigenous Populations  (4.5 units)
 PALL8441  Understanding Cancer  (4.5 units)
 PALL8442  Adolescent and Young Adult Palliative Care  (4.5 units)

The award of a grade of Fail (F) in the same topic on more than one occasion or in 13.5 units or more, or failure to complete the course within two consecutive years may constitute prima facie evidence of unsatisfactory progress for the purposes of the University''s Policy on Student Progress.