No longer offered

The Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) (Hong Kong program) can normally be completed within 13 months of full-time study. The course is offered in Hong Kong by the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences in conjunction with the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

The specialisation of Finance will be identified on the student’s transcript of academic record and on the parchment presented to the student on completion of the course.

Admission requirements

Applicants normally will have completed a business-related program at a sub-degree level and must demonstrate an appropriate standard of English consistent with Flinders University requirements.

For further information and application form please see the Chinese University of Hong Kong website.

Course aims

This course provides a broad and flexible educational preparation for a range of professional, business-related careers in private and public enterprise. A Bachelor of Commerce aims to provide students with:

  • sound knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes to facilitate careers in business-related fields
  • the opportunity to obtain professional knowledge in key business functions
  • the opportunity to obtain professional credentials (where relevant)
  • considerable scope for studies beyond business to broaden the overall educational experience.

Learning outcomes

Students successfully completing this course should be able to:

  • demonstrate an appreciation of the broad environment in which business operates
  • contribute effectively to the successful operation of a business  
  • apply analytical skills, relevant theory and logical thought to decision making processes within a business
  • communicate effectively in a business environment, both verbally and in writing
  • demonstrate commitment to ethical and socially responsible business practice
  • demonstrate detailed understanding of theory and practice in key business specialisations
  • apply specialist skills to analyse issues and develop appropriate reports or other documentation.

Program of study

To qualify for the Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) a student must complete 108 units with a grade of P or better or NGP in each topic.

Course applicants receive 45 units (ten topics) of credit towards the Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) where they have completed relevant Hong Kong courses (e.g. Diplomas or Higher Diplomas) required for entry into the program.

The remaining 63 units consist of the following topics:

BUSN1008 Introductory Macroeconomics (4.5 units)
BUSN1014 Financial Markets (4.5 units)
BUSN1019 Law for Business (4.5 units)
BUSN2021 Management of Financial Institutions (4.5 units)
BUSN2027 International Finance (4.5 units)
BUSN2037 Financial Management (4.5 units)
BUSN2040 Macroeconomics (4.5 units)
BUSN3028 Personal Financial Planning (4.5 units)
BUSN3029 Investments & Portfolio Management (4.5 units)
BUSN3031 Derivatives and Risk Management (4.5 units)
BUSN3043 Governance, Sustainability and Ethics (4.5 units)
BUSN3049 Corporate Finance (4.5 units)

Plus 9 units selected from:

BUSN2035 Cost and Management Accounting (4.5 units)
BUSN2045 Accounting Information Systems (4.5 units)
BUSN3054 Taxation Law and Practice (4.5 units)
BUSN3062 Hong Kong Corporate Law (4.5 units)
BUSN3063 Hong Kong Tax (4.5 units)