The Bachelor of Commerce (Advanced Leadership) is a program for High Achieving students that provides undergraduates with Leadership Skills and work-relevant experience to make them of distinct value to employers. It requires three years of full-time study (or the equivalent part-time) and the honours program an additional year (or the equivalent part-time). The course is offered by the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Students will choose to apply for one of the following specialised degrees

The specialisation will be identified on the student’s transcript of academic record and on the parchment presented to the student on completion of the course.

Enrolment in the honours program may be offered to a student who meets University criteria.

Admission requirements

The minimum requirements for consideration for entry to all undergraduate courses are specified in detail in the University Entry Requirements.

Course Aims

The course provides a broad and flexible educational preparation for a range of professional, business-related careers in private and public enterprise. A Bachelor of Commerce (Advanced Leadership) aims are to provide students with:

  • advanced knowledge in management and leadership
  • relevant experience in the business workplace
  • sound knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes to facilitate careers in business-related fields
  • the opportunity to obtain professional knowledge in key business functions
  • the opportunity to obtain professional credentials (where relevant)
  • considerable scope for studies beyond business to broaden the overall educational experience.

Learning Outcomes

Students successfully completing this course should be able to:

  • demonstrate leadership through team-based projects and presentation
  • present advanced level work at a student conference
  • demonstrate introductory research skills in their area of specialisation
  • apply specialist skills to analyse issues and develop appropriate reports or other documentation
  • demonstrate an appreciation of the broad environment in which business operates
  • contribute effectively to  the successful operation of a business particularly in the area of specialisation
  • apply analytical skills, relevant theory and logical thought to decision making processes within a business
  • communicate effectively in a business environment, both verbally and in writing
  • demonstrate commitment to ethical and socially responsible business practice
  • demonstrate detailed understanding of theory and practice in an area of specialisation


The requirements of the Bachelor of Commerce (Advanced Leadership) (Honours) are the same as those for the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)

Combined degrees

The Bachelor of Commerce (Advanced Leadership) may also be studied in a combined degrees program with a: