To be read in conjunction with the program of study requirements for the degree in which you are enrolled:


An environmental hydrologist is a scientist who:

  • understands how the terrestrial hydrological systems operate
  • has a broad interdisciplinary knowledge in this field
  • can apply the scientific method to explore problems of relevance to this discipline
  • is able to use a range of analytical methods, including computer software to analyse relevant data
  • and can contribute to an advance of knowledge in this discipline.

The educational aims of this major are to provide students with an overview of processes that determine the source, amount and flows of water in the environment with a particular focus on aspects relating to water problems facing Australia.

Learning outcomes

After completion of this major, students are expected to:

  • have gained a comprehensive knowledge of relevance to the discipline
  • understand and be able to apply the scientific method
  • be able to critically review and interpret scientific information
  • be able to develop scientific hypotheses
  • be able to communicate effectively
  • be able to work both independently and within interdisciplinary research groups
  • value ethical behaviour.

Program of study

Major - Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources - Year 1 topics

The following topics must be selected as part of the 36-unit First Year program: 

 EASC1101  Earth and Environmental Sciences  (4.5 units)
 EASC1102  Marine Sciences  (4.5 units)
 ENVS1001  Introduction to Environmental Investigations  (4.5 units)
 GEOG1001  Water Resources and Society  (4.5 units)

Recommended electives

At least one of

 MATH1701  Mathematics Fundamentals A  (4.5 units)
 MATH1702  Mathematics Fundamentals B  (4.5 units)
 MATH1121  Mathematics 1A  (4.5 units)
 MATH1122  Mathematics 1B  (4.5 units)

Major - Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources - Year 2 topics

18 units comprising:

 ENVS2761  Hydrology  (4.5 units)

Plus 13.5 unts from

 EASC2702  Global Climate Change  (4.5 units)
 ENVS2752  Geological Processes  (4.5 units)
 GEOG2700  Geographical Information Systems  (4.5 units)
 GEOG2701  Introduction to Remote Sensing  (4.5 units)
 GEOG2702  Image Analysis in Remote Sensing  (4.5 units)

Major - Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources - Year 3 topics

18 units comprising:

 EASC3741  Groundwater  (4.5 units)
 EASC3742  Earth Fluid Modelling  (4.5 units)
 ENVS3731  Ecohydrology  (4.5 units)

Plus one of:

 EASC3751  Hydrochemistry  (4.5 units) 
 ENVS2752  Geological Processes  (4.5 units)
 ENVS3700  Directed Studies in the Environment
 ENVS3750  Field Studies in Environmental Disciplines  (4.5 units)

Fourth Year Honours Program - Hydrology for students undertaking the Bachelor of Science (Honours) 4 Year or the Bachelor of Science (Honours) Enhanced Program for High Achievers.