A student who has completed all the requirements of the Bachelor of International Studies, or another qualification which the Faculty Board agrees is equivalent, may be accepted as a candidate for the honours degree providing a sufficiently high standard has been achieved in fulfilling the requirements for the bachelors degree.

Objectives and Learning Outcomes:

Honours in International Studies builds upon the educational experience that students have received by undertaking a major in one of several specialisations offered in the Bachelor of International Studies. The Objectives and Learning outcomes of the Honours year further enhance those undertaken for each major, but differ in this respect: that students are expected to demonstrate a high level capacity for independent and original research in their chosen field of Honours specialisation, to be displayed through advanced research essays and the completion of an Honours level thesis of 15-18,000 words.

For specific course aims and learning outcomes please refer to the following links for each Honours program 

Program of Study

To qualify for the honours degree, a student must complete satisfactorily 36 units of study as specified. The program requires one year of full-time study or the equivalent part-time.

An honours program may be undertaken in the following disciplines with program details in the Bachelor of Arts entry: