Table C - Undergraduate Computing Elective Topics

The following selectives apply to CSEM computing courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level subject to prerequisites. Not all topics listed are taught in any year. All topics are 4.5 units.

 Code  Topic Name
BUSN3027 E-Business
COMP2772 Web-Based Systems Development
COMP2781 Computer Mathematics
COMP2782 Social and Information Networks
COMP3712 Computer Programming 3
COMP3721 Enterprise Information Security
COMP3722 Theory and Practice of Computation
COMP3742 Intelligent Systems
COMP3751 Interactive Computer Systems
COMP3752 Computer Game Development
COMP3771 Advanced Database
COMP3781 Cybersecurity
COMP3xxx Computer Graphics (not available until 2017)
COMP3xxx Game Theory (not available until 2017)
ENGR2711 Engineering Mathematics
ENGR2712 Automation and Industrial Control
ENGR2721 Microprocessors
ENGR2722 Analysis of Engineering Systems
ENGR2792 Software Engineering 2
ENGR2871 Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)
ENGR2872 Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
ENGR3701 Computer Organisation and Design
ENGR3791 Software Engineering 3
ENGR3811 Network Administration
ENGR3821 Network Engineering
SCME2201 Interaction Design
SCME2202 3D Media Studio B
SCME2203 3D Media Studio C
SCME3005 Digital Games
SCME3014 VFX Histories and Theories