About Your FAN

Your Flinders Authentication Name (FAN) and its associated password is your key to computer-based resources and services at Flinders University.

Your FAN gives you access to a number of university electronic services, including FLO, electronic mail, network services and course material.

If you are a new student you will need to obtain your FAN and activate your FAN before accessing any of the above systems and in order to enrol.

Your FAN is constructed from the first four characters of your surname (family name) followed by four numeric digits to make each FAN unique. If your surname has less than four characters then your FAN will have less characters as appropriate.

As an example, the FAN for the seventeenth person with a surname beginning with the letters blog within the University would be blog0017.

If you have previously studied or worked at Flinders under a different name, your FAN may reflect your previous name.

Secure Passwords

Your password acts as a secure means to access your email, wireless, and other Flinders University IT services.

Your password MUST:

  • Be at least 8 characters in length and not longer than 10 characters
  • Include at least:
    • one lower-case letter; and
    • one uppercase letter; and
    • one numeric digit
  • NOT be based on your FAN
  • NOT either your first name or your last name
  • It must register at least Strong on the password strength meter.

Below are some simple steps to ensure your password remains secure:

  • Change your password annually as standard practice to protect your account
  • Never disclose your password to others - and avoid writing your password down
  • If you suspect someone else has accessed your account, change your password immediately and report the details to the ITS Service Desk.

Activating your FAN

When your FAN is first created an initial password is generated which is easy for you to remember but is not secure enough for ongoing use. Before you can use any network, email or FLO services you will need to activate your FAN by setting a new secure password. This is achieved by visiting the FAN activation page.

If you do not know your FAN. You can obtain your FAN here. You will need to remember your initial allocated password to do this (see below).

Changing your password

Your password must be known only by you at all times. If you feel the security of your password has been compromised, you can change your password.

If you forget your password no one can tell you what it was because the password is encrypted before it is stored. A request can be made to reset your password and this will cause it to be reset to the initial password described above. You will then need to reactivate your FAN by choosing a new secure password by visiting the activation page.

Getting Help

If you are experiencing difficulties, or do not know your password, please contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance.

Changing your FAN

Although your FAN is generated using the first four letters of your surname at the time it is assigned, your FAN will not be changed for reasons of surname changes.

Acceptable reasons for changing a FAN

FAN changes are only accommodated in the following exceptional circumstances.
When your FAN

  • is of an offensive nature
  • gives you an identity that compromises your personal security
Under these circumstances you can make a request to change your FAN by sending an email to quoting the following information:
  • Your full name and previous name where applicable
  • Your student number
  • Your employee number
  • Your current FAN
  • Reason for change of FAN
Please provide both student number and employee number if you are both a student and an employee of the University.

FAN and Email

Setup your email client to access your Flinders email

As part of activating your FAN, if you are a student or member of staff, you have also activated your Flinders University email account. Flinders University has separate email systems for Staff (including Research Higher Degree Students) and Students. If you are not sure which system your account is in, click here.

Please allow up to one hour from the time you activated your FAN for you email account to become active. An error saying your account is blocked will appear if your email is not yet ready.


If your circumstances are such that you are only making use of the FAN and not email, you are still required to read your Flinders email. You can do so here.

If you would like assistance configuring an email client, please contact your relevant IT support.

Staff including Research Higher Degree students) should contact their Local IT Support.

Students should contact the FLO Student Helpdesk.

When your FAN expires (See also Email termination)

  1. You will be advised daily by email, to your Flinders email account, prior to your FAN/email facilities ending. This advanced notification will allow you to arrange account continuation prior to expiry if necessary.
  2. If you do not setup your email client to receive correspondence from Flinders University (as explained above) or do not check your email account regularly then you will not receive this automatic notification and your services will cease without warning on expiry.

FANS for visitors

In order for visitors who are not employees of the University to be able to use the network, it is necessary for them to have an authentication code (FAN) and password. Please contact the ITS Service Desk for this service.

FANS for affiliates or external staff

Affiliates or External Staff/Students who need to access University systems and the network, but are not associated through Human Resources Division or Student Systems, will need to apply for a FAN and password. Please contact the ITS Service Desk with the required approval from the supervisor or head of department.

Abiding by the Rules

The use of University computer and network facilities is governed by policies which specify both your responsibilities and those of the computing staff who administer the policy. A complete set of those policies are available, but when you activate your account you will be presented with a subset of these as a reminder. By activating your FAN you will be agreeing to be bound by the University's policies and procedures in relation to computers and networks.


The Broadcasting Services Amendment (on-Line Services) Act 1999, states that "on-line accounts are not provided to children without the permission of a parent or responsible adult" and defines children as being under 18 years of age.

To ensure compliance with this Act the University needs to restrict general Internet access by those students who are not yet 18 years of age. Such restrictions may be lifted with the consent of a parent or a responsible adult. A consent form is available and a signed copy may be lodged with Computer Support Help Desks on Campus to have this restriction lifted.