Obtain my FAN

This page is for new students to obtain their Flinders Authentication Name (FAN) and activate the associated password.

What is my FAN?

Your Flinders Authentication Name (FAN) enables you to access all IT services at the University including email, wireless networking and Flinders Learning Online (FLO).

Your FAN is made up of the first four characters of your surname followed by four numeric digits to make your FAN unique.

For more information about your FAN, visit the FAN support page.

Obtaining my FAN and activating my password

Before you can use your FAN, you will need to activate it by entering your initial password. You will then be told what your FAN is and will be asked to set a secure password.

Student ID
Initial Password

Student ID

Your student ID is the number that appears on any communication from the University such as your enrolment information letter or a letter of offer from the University (eg 2001234). This is different from your SATAC number.

Initial Password

Your initial password is made up of the last four characters of your student ID followed by four characters of your birth date in the form ddmm (day,day, month,month). For example if your birthday is 7 March it is represented by 0703, and a student ID of 2001764 is represented as 1764. Together, these generate an initial password of 17640703.