Basware (electronic payment of accounts)

  How to Obtain Access to Basware (DOCX 39KB)
  BasWare Thin Client Procedure Manual (DOCX 1MB)
  Basware- Thin Client upload attachment guide (DOCX 1MB)

  Further guides for Basware on the Finance Systems Tips Page link


GST and Tax

  Flinders University Meal Entertainment Tax guide matrix (DOCX 88KB)
  Examples for FBT on University and Private Travel (PDF 81KB)  
  Travel Template and Example Decision Tool (XLSX 29KB)
  Travel Diary Example (DOCX 46KB)
  Tax Frequently asked Questions (DOC 259KB)  

  Further guides and information on the Tax Information Page link


Purchasing Card

  How to Obtain a Purchasing Card (DOCX 35KB)
Fraedom user guide Jan 2018.pptx (PPTX 4MB)
Fraedom Approval Presentation (PPTX 3MB)


  How to Obtain Access to TechOne (DOCX 39KB)

  Further guides for TechOne on the Finance Systems Tips Page link


Project Manager MonthlyReport Instructions

  Refer to the Finance System (TechOne) page for guides how to read reports link