The HDR Milestones provide an authentic learning strategy to ensure communication between student and supervisor is sound and focused on completion rather than generic ‘progress’. Via the HDR Milestone process, students, supervisors, Colleges and the University will be able to monitor progress toward timely completion within the allocated time for the degree. The Milestones also provide an opportunity to have open communication between students, supervisors, Colleges and the University regarding any concerns that may impede on success.

Milestones are required to be completed by HDR students and their supervisors annually. This process is to ensure that HDR students are progressing at an appropriate rate for their stage of candidature and effectively working towards a timely completion of their degree. For each milestone, students will deliver written work as well as an oral presentation to their supervisors and peers at College level. [Note: Interim Milestones do not require an oral presentation.] Students are required to submit all work for the HDR Milestone via the University’s text-matching resource, Turnitin, in accordance with the Academic Integrity Policy.

For more information including timelines, refer to the HDR Policy and HDR Progression Procedures.

The HDR Milestones are:                                       

For a Full-Time   PhD student the HDR Milestones are as follows:

12   months        Confirmation of Candidature

24   months        Mid-Candidature Review

36   months        Final Thesis Review*

48   months or before Submit


For a Part-Time   PhD student the HDR Milestones are as follows:

12   months      Interim pre-Confirmation of   Candidature

24   months      Confirmation of Candidature

36   months      Interim pre-Mid-Candidature Review

48   months      Mid-Candidature Review

60   months      Interim pre-Final

72   months      Final Thesis Review*

84   months      Interim post-Final Thesis Review

96   months or before Submit

For a Full-Time   Masters by Research student the HDR Milestones are as follows:

6   months       Confirmation of Candidature

12   months        Mid-Candidature Review

18   months        Final Thesis Review

24   months or before    Submit*


For a Part-Time   Masters by Research the HDR Milestones are as follows:

12   months                    Confirmation of Candidature

18   months                    Interim pre-Mid Candidature

24   months                      Mid-Candidature Review

30   months                    Interim pre-Final Review

36   months                    Final Thesis Review*

48    months or before   Submit

The possible outcomes to your Milestone can include:

  • Continuation of candidature
  • Termination of candidature,
  • Recommendation of downgrade to Masters,
  • Recommendation of upgrade to PhD, or
  • 3 month probationary period to resubmit Milestone.

The Office of Graduate Research has developed a GANNT Chart (XLSX 787KB) to assist you with the planning of your higher degrees by research candidature.

View the Backward Mapping VLOG 93 presented by the Dean of Graduate Research for information on how backward mapping can help enable HDR completion in a way that guarantees both quality and timeliness.

Inspire Release 3 is available right now. This adds support for milestones workflows for students, supervisors, HDR Coordinators and the OGR. We are pleased to announce all three major milestones are available:

  • Confirmation of Candidature;
  • Mid-Candidature Review;
  • Final Thesis Review.

Please note: In January 2019, Inspire will be enhanced to support all other milestones - refer to the Inspire Release 3 website for detail.

For more information about the HDR Milestones, please contact the HDR Progressions Team in the Office of Graduate Research:

RHD Research Excellence is no longer available for Milestone submissions.