The University’s expectations of staff with respect to disclosing and managing conflicts of interest are set out in the Conflict of Interest Policy and the guidance material that has been developed to assist staff to comply with these expectations.

Staff must use the University’s Conflict of Interest Register to disclose actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest and supervisors must determine how such conflicts are to be managed and record this using the Register. 

The Register must also be used to disclose the offer or receipt of gifts and benefits (including hospitality) in accordance with policy requirements. 

To access the Register please click here. For more information about using the Register and other FlindersPro applications click here. Please click on the relevant link below to access the Policy, or the conflict of interest guidance material.

Staff should approach their supervisor for advice in relation to conflict of interest matters in the first instance.  If further advice is needed please contact Integrity, Legal and Risk at: