This insurance provides cover for the University, its academics and students having ‘patient’ contact.
It is required not only for the School of Medicine but all other ancillary health disciplines including psychology.

As a general rule the University does not provide any medical services to patients although there are a few small scale exceptions that have been disclosed to the insurer and cover granted.

Details of any proposed new activity involving patient or client contact must be provided to the University’s Insurance Officer who will pass on the information to the Insurer for acceptance.

There is no protection for staff providing private clinical healthcare.

This is a “claims made” policy which means the University must notify the insurer during the period of insurance of any claim made against it in that period. This is irrespective of the date on which the event giving rise to the claim originally occurred.

Insurers usually allow a retroactive period to provide cover for events not known to the insured when it enters the contract of insurance but which may later emerge as claims.

It is most important to recognise and immediately report to the University’s Insurance Officer, any event or developing set of circumstances that might result in a claim being made at some time in the future.