This policy indemnifies the University for:

• Negligent acts, errors or omissions in the conduct of its business as an educational institution
• Unintentional or alleged breach of contract
• Defamation but only if resulting from unintended libel or slander through written or spoken word
• Loss or deprivation of, or damage to, documents entrusted to the University
• Unintentional breaches of the Trade Practices Act.

The policy wording is structured to ensure there is no overlap with the Public & Products Liability cover and in particular there are exclusions for:

• Bodily injury and damage to property
• Any liability associated with products manufactured or sold by the University
• Wrongful acts committed by directors and officers of the University
• Molestation of children
• Medical Malpractice, Clinical Trials and Human Research.

Staff Performing Outside Professional Activities
Staff members performing approved ‘University’ outside professional work in accordance with the University’s Policy on Outside Professional Activities will receive indemnities under the liability protection program and they can obtain certificates if required by contacting the Insurance Officer.

Staff performing non-approved or University approved private outside professional work do not receive indemnities and they must take care to ensure the parties with whom they are contracting will not be under the impression indemnities are being provided by the University.

This is a “claims made” cover and this means that University must notify the insurer during an insurance period of any claim made against it in that period. This is irrespective of the date on which the event giving rise to the claim originally occurred.

Insurers usually allow a retroactive period to provide cover for events not known to the insured when it enters the contract of insurance but which may later emerge as claims.

It is most important to recognise and immediately report to the University’s Insurance Officer, any event or developing set of circumstances that might result in a claim being made at some time in the future.