This policy insures property of the University for loss or damage caused by such events as fire, explosion, storm, water escape or overflow, impact, theft, earthquake, flood and accidental damage. While this is not an exhaustive list of the events protected against it does cover most of the circumstances likely to affect University property.

If the business of the University is interrupted by an insured property loss, the policy may provide benefits for the extra expenses incurred in maintaining normal operations.

This policy carries a $5,000 claims deductible sometimes referred to as an excess.

Payment of the excess is the responsibility of the Cost Centre that is the main beneficiary of a claim or the Cost Centre responsible for causing a loss to occur.

Coverage is provided anywhere in Australia and while Cost Centres may authorise staff to take home University equipment or use it in outside locations this should be done with the awareness of the $5,000 deductible if a loss occurs.

When a Claim Occurs
Police must be notified immediately University property is lost or stolen. For losses occurring on campus the nearest contact is the Sturt Police at 333 Sturt Rd Bedford Park. Tel. 8207 4700.

The Police will issue a Crime Report number and this must be retained for inclusion on a claim form.

Inform the University’s Security Office without delay of any losses due to theft or other physical damage losses posing ongoing safety risks to persons in the affected areas. The Security contact telephone number is 8201 2880.

For all insured losses contact the Insurance Officer who will advise what further action is to be taken in respect to lodging a claim. On some occasions this might include the appointment of a specialist insurance loss adjuster who will investigate the circumstances and manage the claim processes.