This cover insures the University’s common law liability to pay damages in the event it acts (or omits to act) in such a manner that it causes personal injury or damage to other persons or their property. It must be foreseeable that such acts or omissions would lead to injury or damage.

The cover is worldwide except in respect to permanent operations in North America.

What is Not Covered
No protections are provided for breaches of a professional duty of care (See Professional Liability) or claims arising from the provision of healthcare. (See Medical Malpractice)

Practical Application
The University is the Protected Institution and this term is inclusive of Council members, staff, volunteers and enrolled students while engaged in authorised activities associated with their positions at the University.

The injury or damage could happen on campus to persons visiting the University or it could happen off campus.

Staff Performing Outside Professional Activities
Staff members performing outside professional work approved by the University in accordance with the University’s Policy on Outside Professional Activities will receive indemnities under the liability protection program and they can obtain certificates if required by contacting the Insurance Officer.

Staff performing non-approved or University approved private outside professional work do not receive indemnities and they must take care to ensure the parties with whom they are contracting will not be under the impression indemnities are being provided by the University.

Student Placements and Work Experience
Students will be covered for approved activities in connection with their studies and normally this will mean practicum placements that have to be completed as part of each course. It can include a student initiated work experience placement provided it is relevant to the field of study and prior approval is obtained from the course supervisor.

Host institutions accepting students on work experience placements often request confirmation or perhaps evidence that students are indemnified by the University’s insurer. Such requests must be referred to the Insurance Officer who will assess the circumstances and issue the appropriate confirmations. (See also comment under Student Insurances)

No protections are provided under this policy for healthcare students attending clinical work placements. (See also comments under Medical Malpractice)

The relevant date for any claim is the actual date on which there is an “occurrence” that results in injury or damage to a third party. It does not matter when the injured party initiates a claim for damages which could be up to 3 years after the “occurrence” or more in the case of injury to a minor.

It is most important to immediately report to the University’s Insurance Officer, any occurrence in which a third party has been injured or incurred property damage that might result in a claim being made at some time in the future.