• We are a group of students planning to conduct a survey of patrons attending a regional shopping centre. What do we need to do regarding insurance?

The shopping centre management will ask for a certificate confirming public liability insurance is in place for your activities. Your Course Supervisor who is approving this activity can contact the University’s Insurance Officer for a copy of the appropriate insurance certificate.

  • I am attending an elective for course credit. Am I covered for liability insurances?


  • I have negotiated with a business to take me on a short-term work experience placement. The work will help me with my studies but it is not a course requirement. Will I be covered for public liability insurance?

No. However you may discuss the ISSe with your Course Supervisor. If he/she agrees the work is relevant to and will enhance your course studies, the Insurance Officer can be contacted for assistance. Some individual cases may need to be referred to the insurer for approval.

  • I have negotiated a paid job relevant to my studies for the semester break but the business wants to contract with me as a consultant. Also it requires that I have liability insurance cover through the University. Is that OK?

No. The policies exclude cover for students employed directly by or otherwise receiving remuneration from hosting institutions.

  • I have negotiated a semester break job but the business wants to pay my remuneration to the University which will then pay me. By the way the company requires that the University liability policies cover me while on the job. Is all that OK?

No. See previous response. Close scrutiny is needed of any arrangement that seeks to circumvent what properly should be a contract of employment between the parties.

  • Why can’t I get paid to do a job and still be covered by the University insurances if the work is relevant to my studies?

The cover allows students to receive supervised work experience relevant to their studies. It is not intended to facilitate paid work opportunities for students which may relieve providers of their employer responsibilities.

  • I attended a University authorised student work placement where I fell and injured my leg. I cannot attend my part time job for 6 weeks and I have a heap of bills to pay. What do I do?

Contact the Student Support Services Office within the Flinders University Student Association to collect an insurance form to complete and submit to the insurance company for a Personal Accident Claim. You may be able to claim for lost income up to a maximum of $300 per week. You may also recover physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment and emergency ambulance transport costs not otherwise recoverable from a Private health Insurance Fund.

  • I was injured while on work experience and the Personal Accident Insurer won’t pay the Medicare gaps for my doctor and x-ray bills. Why not?

Insurers are prohibited from paying Medicare related expenses and gaps.

  • If I am injured while on work experience why can’t I get Workers Compensation benefits?

Workers compensation provides for statutory benefits payable to employed persons suffering work place injuries. Students on work experience are not employees and have no entitlements under Workcover legislation.