The University’s insurance program includes protections for enrolled students engaged in activities related to their studies and which are authorised by the University.

Activities covered include off campus field excursions, work experience and elective placements.

Work experience providers usually request confirmation the University’s insurance coverage extends to its students. The Insurance Officer following requests by Course Supervisors, will provide appropriate confirmations.

Students arranging their own work experience not required for course credit, will not be covered even though they believe the experience will be useful in their studies. In such cases students can request their Course Supervisors discuss the issues with the Insurance Officer. Cover may be extended if the circumstances warrant.

Students will not be granted liability insurance protections if they receive remuneration directly or indirectly from work experience providers.

This restriction does not apply to bona fide scholarship payments administered by the University. However, any arrangement whereby a host employer effectively contracts for services but shifts the insurance responsibilities back to the student or the University must be carefully scrutinised.

Students on work experience are not employees of host institutions and they have no entitlements to Workers Compensation benefits if they suffer an injury in the course of their placements.

Public Liability

The cover indemnifies students if they negligently cause injury to another person or damage to another person’s property and as a consequence they become legally liable to pay compensation. The cover operates at all times students are engaged in University authorised activities associated with their enrolments.

This can include off campus activities which give rise to most enquiries particularly from work experience providers who require confirmation of this type of insurance before accepting students on placement.

Professional Indemnity

The cover provides indemnity for consequences of unintended breaches of a professional duty of care.

Generally students are not providing professional services to, for or on behalf of the host institutions. It is less common to receive requests for confirmation of this type of insurance.

Medical Malpractice

This cover protects all medical and allied health students on supervised clinical placements for the effects of breaches of a professional duty of care toward patients and clients.

Host medical institutions most likely will request confirmation of this type of insurance before accepting students on electives.

Student Personal Accident

This provides a basic cover for students suffering accidental injury while engaged in University activities including work experience placements.

Examples of benefits are: Weekly payments for loss of income ($300 per week maximum), Non-Medicare related benefits eg physio, chiro, ambulance.

Under existing legislation the insurer cannot pay any benefits for which there is a Medicare entitlement including any gaps.

There is a common misconception that students injured in a workplace while on work experience are entitled to workers compensation benefits. That is not the case and it is important to understand the Personal Accident benefits are much less than those available under workers compensation.

Host institutions occasionally request confirmation that the University has a Personal Accident cover for its students.

Travel Insurance

Flinders University provides travel insurance cover for students who have been approved to travel for and on behalf of the University. Cover is provided for both domestic and international travel.

A summary of the insurance cover and other important information including Chubb emergency assistance details, Memorandum of Insurance, top-up cover application form and how to make a claim can be found on this webpage .

Private Travel Insurance

The University’s travel insurer has made available an online facility for all University staff and students as well as their family members and other relatives to arrange their own cover for holiday travel overseas and within Australia.