The University acknowledges the important contribution made to its community by volunteers for whom we have in place a Volunteers Personal Accident insurance policy.

The most important benefit is a weekly income support payment to persons who cannot attend their regular paid employment for more than 7 days due to accidental injury incurred while engaged in volunteer activities for the University.

The policy also provides $5,000 medical benefits protection for expenses such as ambulance and physiotherapy not otherwise recoverable from a private health fund. The Insurer does not pay the first $50 of medical claims.

Important Matters:

No Medicare related payments

Commonwealth legislation prohibits general insurers from paying any benefits for which there is a Medicare entitlement. This means volunteers may be out of pocket for medical, hospital, x-ray etc gap payments.

No Workers Compensation.

Volunteers are not workers within the meaning of the Workers Compensation Act and they have no statutory entitlements if they are injured while "on the job". Although Personal Accident benefits do provide a useful safety net the benefits are much less than those payable under workers compensation.


A volunteer injured in circumstances that might result in a claim can contact the University Insurance Officer for advice.