Assistance with developing, reviewing or interpreting contracts

 For assistance with research contracts, you should contact the Research Development and Support office.

For consultancy contracts, you should contact the Head in your College, or for other contracts, contact Legal Services, telephone 8201 3204, email .

College of Business, Government and Law

Contact Mr Chris Bishop. Telephone: 8201 3083, email:

College of Education, Psychology and Social Work

Contact Ms Sardi Calver. Telephone: 8201 3577, email:

College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Contact TBA. Telephone: 8201 3625, email:

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Contact Ms Taicea Agnew. Telephone: 8201 3470, email:

College of Medicine and Public Heath

Contact Mr Ian Smith. Telephone: 8201 5477, email:

College of Science and Engineering

Contact Ms Sarah Tilley. Telephone: 8201 2995, email:

The Frequently Asked Questions page provides information and advice on contractual matters, including the interpretation of intellectual property, indemnity clauses and other provisions with significant risk implications.

If you have questions about specific aspects of a contract

Goods and Services Tax

Contact the Tax Accountant in the Financial Services Division, Mr Robert Tidswell. Telephone: 8201 2040, email: or go to the University's GST website.

Insurance and indemnity

Contact the Risk and Insurance office:


Phone: 08 8201 3793

Intellectual property

Contact Legal Services Telephone 8201 7721 email

Technical support 

For assistance with technical support when registering a legal document in the Records Management System contact Mrs Neena Binu, Telephone: 8201 3062, Email: