The Council Handbook provides detailed information about the nature and operation of the Council, the governing body of the University.

It has been prepared primarily for the assistance of Council members and members of the standing committees of Council. However, the Handbook will also provide members of the University community with information about Council, including:

  • its membership
  • its meeting schedule
  • its procedures
  • the responsibilities of Council members, and
  • Council members' role in the University.

The Council believes that in order to carry out its role as the principal policy and decision-making body in the University, it must be responsive to the needs and interests of all sections of the University community as well as the wider community.

This is achieved through Council receiving information and recommendations formally from its committees and officers, and also through the contributions of individual Council members.

Council recognises that it has a reciprocal responsibility to provide information about itself and its activities to the staff and students of the University, as well as to other interested persons.


Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

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The Handbook

Section 1

Council Charter

Section 2

Responsibilities, Liabilities and Rights of Council Members

Section 3

Appointment, Election and Removal of Council Members

Section 4

Meetings, Papers and Meeting Procedures

Section 5

University Governance and Management Structures and Accountability Framework


Appendix 1
Appendix 2
By-Laws made under the Flinders University Act 1966
Appendix 3
Statutes made under the Flinders University Act 1966
Appendix 4
Appendix 5
Appendix 6
Appendix 7
Appendix 8
Appendix 9
Appendix 10
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Appendix 12
Appendix 13